Scientific Branding & Strategy

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Branding Strategy

With an in-depth understanding of healthcare industries, Addison Whitney works as an extension of your team to provide strategic brand guidance. We believe that successful healthcare and pharmaceutical brands must be grounded in strategic intent and confident decision-making.

From assessing the competitive market and introducing a compelling and differentiating new brand positioning, to maintaining clarity across your portfolio, we offer a knowledgeable, unbiased approach that will help you plan an effective brand strategy.

Our brand strategy capabilities include:

  • Scientific Brand Narrative: Use of brand compass and brand story tools to position your brand strategy in a place of differentiation within your competitive space.

  • Brand Messaging: Crafting messaging to advance the brand and its key characteristics.  

  • Scientific Brand Narrative: Developing the most effective way to tell the brand story of assets going through the scientific branding process.

  • Scientific Brand Messaging and Lexicon: Developing brand-specific language for scientific branding clients and their products.

  • Brand Assessment: Find out the status and the place on the market for your brand equity and awareness, association, perception and attributes.

  • Brand Architecture and Nomenclature: Using Addison Whitney’s unique nomenclature strategy, to develop a strategic roadmap for future branding examples, including umbrella branding, descriptive sub-brands and brand hierarchy.

  • Portfolio Nomenclature: Applying naming and strategic properties for multiple-brand portfolios, where a strategy is to be applied as brands grow.