Pharmaceutical Brand Naming

pharmaceutical and healthcare brand naming

Our industry experts understand the challenges and rigorous demands of pharmaceutical name development. Since 2008, Addison Whitney has developed and/or tested more than 160 brand names that have been approved by global health authorities.

We make it our mission to stay up to date on the latest regulations and approval requirements. It's because of this dedication that we're able to proudly say we exceed industry standards when it comes to name approval rates.

We fully understand and effectively address the complex issues healthcare and pharmaceutical brands face – issues such as patient safety concerns, FDA, EMA and Health Canada regulations and global trademark development. Our expertise spans domestic and international markets, pharmaceutical brand naming and USAN and INN naming.

We deliver healthcare and pharmaceutical brands that integrate creativity, business strategy, trademark viability and regulatory compliance. We take pride in our reputation for consistently helping clients achieve approval for names that meet all of their brand objectives.

Our verbal capabilities include:

  • Brand Name Development (Corporate/Product/Service): Addison Whitney’s experienced methods and strategies are put in place for drug, trade name, corporate and biosimilar asset name development. 

  • REMS and Program Branding: Expanding out naming development capabilities for REMS and pharmaceutical program branding projects.

  • INN/USAN (Non-Proprietary) Development: Generic name development and stem nomenclature specific to these regulatory agencies, including the creation of submission documents.

  • Clinical Trial Naming: Beginning the name development process early in a product’s lifecycle during the clinical trial stages.

  • Global Trademark Prescreening: Trademark development, legal prescreening, intellectual property. Trademark screening, trade name, brand name, trademark search

  • Global Linguistic Evaluation: Foreign language and market evaluation around the world to ensure global trade name acceptability and appropriateness. 

  • Tagline Development: Developing corporate brand taglines in addition to corporate name development and positioning.