Design & Logo Development

Healthcare Brand Design and Logo Development

Our designers are more than just creatives – they are problem solvers, strategic and forward thinkers. At Addison Whitney, we remain current on the latest healthcare and pharmaceutical industry trends and regulations. Working side by side with our clients, our visual branding team creates logos and identities that demand attention in the market.

We understand the unique complexities of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. With our combined focus on design and our firsthand knowledge of FDA, EMA and Health Canada regulations, we are able to confidently guide our clients in the right direction for their opportunity.

Our visual capabilities include:

  • Corporate, Product and Clinical Trial Logo Design: Visual identity development and brand element development for product, corporate or clinical trial assets, including icon, type font and brand hallmarks.
  • Packaging Artwork: Design element development for package, container label and sample packaging for  visual brand elements of products in various state of trial. 
  • Marketing Collateral and Tradeshow Materials: The development of essential collateral to assist brands in their marketing and trade show efforts.
  • Standards Program Development: The development of brand standards, brand book and usage guidelines to ensure consistent brand usage throughout your marketing.
  • Scientific Brand Identity Elements: Creation and delivery of elements of branding profile to serve as mechanisms of action for new therapeutic and innovative entities.
  • Scientific Brand Templates: Development of templates designed to allow corporate and product brands to easily expand their portfolios and enhance their branding efforts.
  • Scientific Brand Manual: Guidelines and brand strategies for products throughout their development lifecycle.