Addison Whitney Featured in Recent Article, "12 Tips for Executing a Successful Rebrand"

A recent article in the publication "State of Digital" that features tips and best practices to ensure a successful rebrand, featured a number of comments from Addison Whitney.

The article, titled "12 Tips for Executing a Successful Rebrand," is by reporter Lisa Lacy and centers around what organizations should keep in mind as they explore, and possibly enact, rebranding strategies and efforts.

A brief passage from the article is below, and if you’d like to read the entire post, you can find it here.

12 Tips for Executing a Successful Rebrand

6. Don’t Change Just to Change

“Some rebrands come from a need to align with current trends or to make the brand more modern or because new leadership is looking to create a change. A rebrand is not a light undertaking and can have a long-lasting impact on your overall brand, so the decision should not be made lightly.”