Addison Whitney Health Authors Cover Feature Story in Latest PM360 Magazine

Addison Whitney Health, in collaboration with team members across inVentiv Health, created the cover story for the June edition of PM360 magazine.

Entitled "The 10-Step Marketing Plan: A Blueprint for Success," the article highlights the importance steps necessary for a successful product launch, covering the entire pre-launch lifecycle across market, product and organization categories. 

A brief passage from the article is below, and if you’d like to read the entire post, you can find it here.

The 10-Step Marketing Plan: A Blueprint for Success

Launch is a key milestone in the success of a product, and the scope of each launch varies by asset and market. Developing a successful product commercialization blueprint requires a multifaceted process that stretches across the organization, where the various departments and experts put their unique fingerprints on the launch plan.

Preparation for a successful product launch can be broken up into three main categories of focus: Market, Product, and Organization. Within these three areas live 10 steps that serve as pieces to the bigger puzzle and can provide a perspective on how to develop a complete and well-rounded strategy.

While there is no “one size fits all” approach to launch, with so many areas to cover and stakes that are so high, these 10 steps touch on a few of the key components that can ensure an effective, efficient, and successful product commercialization.