Chubbies - A Brand That’s Not Short on Excellence

By Kelsey Halford

Chubbies is a men’s online clothing retailer that I, a female customer, look forward to perusing when shopping for the men in my life. The Chubbies brand has reinvigorated shorts for men.

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Their aesthetic is unique - slightly tailored and boldly patterned, complete with their signature short inseam. As my brother famously says, “They don’t call them longs!”

Chubbies has clearly defined what it is to be a “bro” in a world filled with nine-to-fivers and squares - and if you fit that description, Chubbies shorts allow you to live a double life. As they promise their customers, “When you put on your Chubbies, you know it's time to relax, crack open an ice cold beer, and have some fun.”One of the goals of the brand is to outfit men in shorts for every occasion; they have shorts for summer, winter, tailgate and formal occasions. And though the style of the shorts is notable, the lifestyle that Chubbies promotes is really what we’re all really buying into.

This "bro" mentality is promoted through witty website copy that feels more like friendly banter among friends than standard fare copy for a website. Chubbies shorts have names like “The Khakmeisters,” “The Clubmander in Chiefs,” and “The Victory Bells.” Their tagline, “sky’s out, thighs out,” clearly illustrates when they feel is the most appropriate time to wear Chubbies shorts- always.

Not a big reader? Chubbies has you covered on their website,, with humorously epic photos. Picture a shirtless fellow on the ridge of a ski slope: his phy
sique is average, his stance is confident and comically determined, his Chubbies have an 1980s-inspired ski motif. Or, imagine a clean-cut patriotic gent running down the beach, proverbial guns blazing, in American Flag print shorts. A flag in on hand, a beer in the other, ‘Merica.

Customer communications also follow suit. If you decide to give the company a call, a real-live guy picks right up and says “Hey dude, what’s up?” No automatic, robot-voice activated customer service shenanigans. Chubbies email order confirmations flaunt phrases like “You done did it!”chubbies lifestyle brand strategy

Even their FAQ page is packed with branded gems such as, “Men of genius are admired, men of wealth are envied, men of power are feared; men wearing Chubbies are all of the above.”

The Chubbies brand is a success because they don’t just dabble in this “bro” persona, they embrace if from all angles.

In short (pun intended), the Chubbies experience is unexpectedly inspiring. Though they’re selling men’s clothing, the Chubbies concept is gender-less and timeless - fearlessly seize the day in shorts and a smile. It’s enough to make anyone want to crack open a cold one and set sail on the next schooner to YOLOland.

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