Addison Whitney Health

Addison Whitney Health is a specialized division of Addison Whitney and is a global leader in pharmaceutical and healthcare brand development. Our work with established and emerging companies has created hundreds of strong, long-lasting brands.

Our collaborative approach merges our industry expertise with specific business strategy to develop engaging brands for every audience. This approach extends to our relationships with the FDA, EMA, Health Canada and other regulatory authorities worldwide – assuring your brand will gain approval and exist successfully in a clinical and commercial world.

Through the Syneos Health network we are able to provide best-in-class services that deliver extraordinary outcomes to pharmaceutical, life sciences and biotech clients.

pharmaceutical brand naming

Pharmaceutical Brand Naming

  • Brand Name Development (Corporate/Product/Service)
  • REMS and Program Branding
  • INN/USAN (Non-Proprietary) Development
  • Clinical Trial Naming
  • Global Trademark Prescreening
  • Global Linguistic Evaluation
  • Tagline Development

healthcare brand design and logo development

Design & Logo Development

  • Corporate, Product and Clinical Trial Logo Design
  • Packaging Artwork
  • Marketing Collateral and Tradeshow Materials
  • Standards Program Development
  • Scientific Brand Identity Elements
  • Scientific Brand Templates
  • Scientific Brand Manual

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Branding Strategy

Scientific Branding & Strategy

  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Messaging
  • Scientific Brand Narrative
  • Scientific Brand Messaging and Lexicon
  • Brand Assessment
  • Brand Architecture
  • Portfolio Nomenclature

healthcare and pharmaceutical regulatory research and consulting

Regulatory Research & Consulting

  • Medical Panel Evaluation
  • POCA (Phonetic Orthographic Computer Analysis)
  • Name Validation Research (Regulatory & Marketing)
  • Regulatory Name Submission Documents and Consulting
  • Logo Validation Research (Regulatory & Marketing)
  • Scientific Brand Validation Research
  • Brand Discovery/Positioning Research
  • Brand Equity Tracking